Weatherwell Elite Aluminum Shutters maintain the design integrity of your residential tower facade

Maintaining the design integrity of the building's facade has always been a challenge for architects and designers post construction. In the case of residential towers, HOA’s will often shrink from enforcing window furnishing codes and it is impossible to control the residents choice of balcony furnishings.

A clever, elegant, and functional solution favored by architects around the world are Aluminum Shutters.  Weatherwell Elite Aluminum shutters are now available in North America and offer architects an innovative solution.

Exterior Louvered Exterior Shutters

  • Maintain facade design integrity
  • Enclose balconies to make year round outdoor spaces
  • Create privacy and wind protection
  • Elegant security with lockable panels and blades
  • Eliminate the need for internal window treatments

  • Sliding 
  • Multi-Fold
  • Fixed

  • Powder coated, annodized and timber grain finishes
  • Minimalist design with no visible screws or fixings
  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Multi-point security bolts
  • Internal mechanism ensures durability and eliminates corrosion
  • Extreme wind ratings
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