Traditional Exterior Shutters have always been a “go to” to improve the curb appeal of a home. However, take leaf out of the book of international designers and use modern day aluminum shutters to not only invigorate the curb appeal of the home but add real functionality. 

  • Enclose the front porch, patio or upper balcony 
  • Create a TRUE extra living space that can house indoor furniture
  • Devise a new focal point that revitalizes the curb appeal
Weatherwell Aluminum Plantation Shutters Patio Enclosure

  • Powder coat finish and concealed mechanisms give the shutters the ultimate outdoor durability
  • Extreme wind ratings to protect and keep out the weather
  • Security options for home safety 
  • Clip to fit system that makes installation a breeze
  • Endless color options and wood look powder coats available
  • Little to no maintenance. Hose to clean.
  • Custom made in the USA.

This multi-residential building with its extensive outdoor balconies lost its luster after residents mix-matched their outdoor furnishings and window treatments.  Weatherwell Elite Aluminum Shutters allowed the building to:
  • Establish a uniform curb appeal
  • Enable privacy and weather protection when the resident desired it
  • Create a TRUE outdoor living space and bolster real estate value
Weatherwell Elite Aluminum Exterior Shutters enhance privacy
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