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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Introducing plantation shutters to your home can make a noticeable difference to the look and feel of any room.  With their sleek lines and range of colors, there is an interior window shutter to compliment the style and décor of any home, from formal to cutting edge architecture.  Offering elegant symmetry, these interior window shutters make a statement of quality and design.   Not only are these shutters able to be enjoyed from the interior of your home, but also make an impressive impact for the exterior of a home.

The Window Outfitters’ range of timber and aluminum window shutters offer custom made interior window shutters in a range of colors.  With security features available in the Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutter range, these shutters offer beauty and peace of mind.  They are also a desired choice for commercial premises with their durable finish and ability to be used internally and externally.

An exciting new trend is emerging with the use of aluminum shutters to create additional living spaces.  People are able to create rooms with the use of shutters as walls that can be installed to bi-fold or slide in to various positions.   This enables someone to open or close areas in a home and adapt to ever-changing living.  This new adaptation for the shutters makes it popular with the social movement towards alfresco living.

Aluminum shutters are also a popular choice internally.  Maintaining the integrity of the look of a timber shutter, the aluminum shutter is extremely durable and can transform the aesthetic of a home, without compromising longevity or strength.  Timber shutters offer a great traditional natural look.  The Window Outfitters’ Highprofile range offers multiple painted or stained finishes.  With all the beautiful benefits of window shutters, it is no surprise that they have been a popular choice for many years and are featured in so many homes.  

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