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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Aluminum shutters are replacing the outdated option of drapes and vertical blinds for sliding doors.  When you are looking for a window covering solution that is both beautiful and durable, choosing aluminum shutters is an inviting alternative.  Able to seamlessly slide or bi-fold back in an opening, the complementary style of a shutter serves to only further enhance any space.

Sliding or bi-folding aluminum shutters are available in a number of different colors in our Weatherwell range, allowing you to select the right look for your home.

With the highest quality componentry used for each installation you can be confident that whether sliding or bi-folding your aluminum shutters to their desired position, they will be able to withstand the daily demands of any area. 

With their resilient finish, aluminum shutters can withstand extremes in temperature and weather conditions.  Whether positioned in direct sunlight all day or in damp or wet areas, these aluminum shutters will continue to beautify your home for many years. 

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