A favorite of Outdoor Contractors and Landscape Designers around the world, aluminum shutters offer a wealth of possibilities in an inspired outdoor space and is now available in North America. 
Weatherwell Elite combines cutting-edge engineering with elegant design to create a shutter like you've never seen before.

  • Expand living for all seasons by enclosing the outdoor space
  • Create privacy from neighbors
  • Give flexibility with a multitude of installation types and give the homeowner the freedom to have them open, closed, folded away, or even part there of
  • Create elegant security for the outdoor sanctuary with lockable panels and secure blades
  • Incorporate strength and durability that can weather the elements

  • Blades can be set in any position 
  • A brilliant two-part framing system hides all visible screw and fixings
  • Concealed internal mechanisms protect against salt and corrosion
  • Extreme wind ratings to weather the storm
  • Clip-to-fit hardware make for easy installation
  • Ultimate design flexibility with custom powder coat options
  • High-end standard options like timber grain powder coat, and clear coat anodized


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