Enclosed patio with exterior aluminum shutters

Louvered outdoor shutters to enclose outdoor space
Whether you have a huge backyard with a pool or a
small outdoor patio, Weatherwell Aluminum
Shutters solve a number of unique design questions to help you better utilize your outdoor space. As on the inside of your home, your outdoor space often needs to serve multiple purposes. A big, roaring children's party to an intimate dinner with friends, aluminum shutters allow you to create the space you need.  

The family who reside in the beautiful lakeside home to the right loved their outdoor living and pool area.  Yet the parents wanted to be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine in their pergola while the kids were still being loud in the pool.  Aluminum shutters gave them a way to close of their area, giving themselves peace and seclusion, and open it right up again.

With a big beautiful pool and landscaping comes the problem of how to hide the eye-sore that is pool pumps. The owners of the below left home needed to access their pumps, keep air flow and maintain the style of their home.  Weatherwell Aluminum Shutters were a perfect solution and accomplished all of the family's practical needs while looking sleek and modern.

On the right, you have a picturesque backyard scene with no ugly AC unit in site!  Aluminum shutters provided an innovative, contemporary way to cover the unit in the corner, while preserving proper ventilation and access.

Exterior aluminum shutters