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4 Tips for a Better Home Page

Most marketing experts will tell you what features you need on your website, but rarely will they tell you that the home page is the most important page of the website and if that is not right, your visitors won’t venture past it, therefore it won’t matter what is on the rest of the site.

FACT: You have 10 seconds to gain the attention of a visitor once they hit your home page. How your home page is structured will determine if they stay, browse, and ultimately ask for your business, OR if they leave.

1. Tell Them What You Do

When a person is searching for your products and services online the first question they ask themselves when they reach your home page is “Do they do what I need them to do?”. Don’t make your visitor have to click around too much to see what you sell. Either have your main product and service categories along your top navigation or better still, feature them on your home page so they are easy to see.

Product Categories featured on the homepage

2. Show Credibility

The very next thing a visitor will ask themselves is “Are they a credible supplier or service provider?” “Are these people I would feel comfortable doing business with?”.

There are several ways you can convey credibility. One is through the design. Unfortunately consumers do judge a book by its cover. Ensure your website looks like it has been professionally designed and not put together by an amateur. Ask yourself if your website accurately reflects the kind of professionalism or quality you deliver? 

Other ways you can convey credibility is by featuring any awards you may have won, industry group affiliations you may have, of even the brands of well recognised brands you may resell. A simple logo is effective way to do this.

Credibility can also be shown by featuring a snippet of a testimonial, a media article written about you, or a project you have worked on.         


OUR AWARDS                                                  AS SEEN IN


3. Convey a Unique Selling Position

The next thing a visitor is going to ask themselves is “Ok what makes this business different from the business down the road?” It is natural consumer behaviour for a person to want to compare and differentiate you for a competitor, therefore it is your job to ensure you have a unique selling position or competitive differentiation. 

Paint a clear picture of why you are different from you competitors. A simple way to do this is with a slogan or a banner.

“The only supplier of Weatherwell Elite on the Gulf Coast” 

“We offer experience. Serving Orange County since 1953” 

“Impeccable and Unequivocal Quality” 

“Offering the widest choice of Window Treatments in Colorado”

4. A Strong Call To Action

So if your website ticks all the boxes above, the visitor can comfortably answer the questions that crop up during normal consumer behaviour when buying:  

“Yes this company do what I need them to do, they sell aluminum shutters”. “Yes they are credible. They have a nice site that looks professional and I notice they have lots of positive tesitmonials” “And Yes I can see how they they are different and better than the other supplier I was looking at. They say they have a wider range” 

The next step in their buying process is wanting to take action. Don’t make the visitor have to click around to see how to contact you.  Have it right there in their face. For visitors that like to phone, have your phone number nice and clear on your homepage.  For those that would prefer you to call them, have a strong call to action connected a to webform.  For example “Click here for a Free Measure and Quote”

A good examples of home pages that tick all the boxes, are on Outlook Marketing Website Designs.  Click on a design below to see. These are working bases ready to be customised, including all words, images, and colours.

The Aspera Design         The Hastings Design          The Hazelwood Design

Ferny Glen Design          The Monarch Design          The Sawrey Design

The McKenna Design      The Netherby Design         The Newfield Design

The Rene Design

I hope you enjoyed the tip. Happy Marketing!

Dena Dillon

Senior Marketing Consultant, Outlook Marketing


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